Jaime & David’s Sarasota Botanical Gardens Wedding, Selby Gardens, Sarasota, FL

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Are you in search of a charming love story set in the picturesque Marie Selby Botanical Gardens in Sarasota, Florida? Well, look no further! Join us as we delve into the heartwarming tale of Jaime and David, a couple whose love story unfolded beautifully in this lush garden paradise.

Jaime and David, both hailing from Denver, Colorado, had their paths cross in a serendipitous manner. Despite living in different cities, fate had a plan for them that neither of them could have predicted.

Jaime, whose family frequented Sarasota, had always felt a deep connection to this coastal haven. Little did she know that Sarasota would play a significant role in her love story. She fondly reminisces, “I’ve been visiting Sarasota since I was a young girl, and now my parents are snowbirds in Sarasota. We were not expecting to get married in Sarasota, but now we are really excited about it.”

Their love story began in the workplace, but it was after Jaime left her job that their connection truly blossomed. David and Jaime quickly realized they shared a profound love for the beach, the ocean, and much more. Jaime and David are a perfect match when it comes to their shared love for the outdoors. David is an accomplished skier, and Jaime enjoys snowboarding, making their winter adventures truly memorable. “David is a great skier, and I snowboard – but he’s GREAT,” Jaime says with a smile.

In life, opposites often come together to create a harmonious blend. David’s relaxed and easygoing nature perfectly complements Jaime’s energetic and meticulous planning skills. Jaime notes, “I am the planner, and typically a bit more ‘on the move’ – it’s definitely an opposites attract and make each other better moment.” Their love for live music and dancing, along with their appreciation for cozy nights in, paints a picture of a well-rounded and balanced relationship. Their shared interests make their love story all the more special.

“We love the beach and the ocean. We love live music and dancing, but also love a cozy night in. David is relaxed and go with the flow. I am the planner, and typically a bit more ‘on the move’ – it’s definitely an opposites attract and make each other better moment.” Jaime expresses, highlighting the charm of their relationship.

Jaime and David’s wedding at Marie Selby Botanical Gardens in Sarasota, Florida, was truly a celebration of their unique love story. It’s a testament to the idea that love can bloom in the most unexpected places, just like the vibrant blooms in the botanical gardens.


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