Anne & Lucien’s Sarasota Elopement

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I’m completely in love with this beautiful Sarasota courthouse elopement!

Lucien and Anne’s love story begins when they first cross paths in high school, but fate leads them in different directions. Twelve years later, they serendipitously reunited in the charming city of Munich. It was there that their love blossomed in the year 2019. Their bond was put to the test during the challenging times of the Covid lockdown, but it only strengthened their relationship. As time passed, they had the joy of meeting each other’s friends, solidifying their place in each other’s lives. Their journey led them to establish a home together in the vibrant city of Chicago. It was from there that they embarked on a special journey to the Historic Sarasota Courthouse in downtown Sarasota, where they exchanged their vows in an intimate elopement ceremony.


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