Annabelle & Nina’s Couples Session, The Bay Park, Sarasota, FL

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Nina and Annabelle’s love story is one for the digital age. They met online, but their romance is anything but ordinary. Their love blossomed during a couples’ session at The Bay Park in Sarasota, where they were joined by their two beloved dogs, Marley and Nala.

Their story started on September 8, 2020, during the pandemic. Annabelle, living in Maryland, was swiping through dating apps. She reached out to Nina on Bumble, and they instantly hit it off. Their first date took place at a park in true pandemic fashion.

Despite being miles apart, Nina and Annabelle’s connection grew stronger. The digital world allowed them to bridge the gap, and their hearts were inseparable.

Their dogs, Marley and Nala, added a special touch to their story. They joined in the fun at the park, making the moment even more memorable. Nina and Annabelle’s love story at The Bay Park in Sarasota is a reminder that love can be found in the most unexpected places. In a world where online dating can be a challenge, their story is a heartwarming example of genuine connection and romance. Next time you visit The Bay Park, think of their love story as a testament to the power of love that defies distance and blossoms in even the most unusual circumstances.


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